Monday, May 29, 2006

Subtle Dish with Fresh Chillies

Fresh chillies, be it green or red, makes a milder dish compared to dried chilies. Dried chillies have an intense acidity in them. Certain dishes go well with dried and certain with fresh chillies. Besides, fresh chillies takes lesser preparations if you're on the go, go, go...
Fresh Chilli Paste in the end
But be forworn that asian dishes taste much better with dried chillies as these dishes needs to be cooked till they create a "dry-like" paste i.e most of sambals, rendangs etc. You wouldn't achieve such result with blended fresh chillies coz they tend to be more watery in nature.
whole fish sliced with chilli paste as base instead of topping
I had several green and red chillies in the fridge and wanted to finish them off before they wilt. Oh ya, fresh chillies have a shorer lifespan thus I can only buy them in small portions. I had wanted to make Sambal Belado a traditional Indonesian dish using fresh red chillies but decided to skip on it and created this instead. Took minutes and I use no oil. Placed the fried fish on top of the paste instead and simmer till the fish absorbed the juices and ate it as it is.
I gave the fish no mercy and the battle was won by yours truly! ehem...burp...scews me...
Ingredients for Chilli Paste
10 fresh green chillies - de-seed & blend
5 fresh red chillies - de-seed & blend
1 onion - blend
2cm belachan paste - baked & blend
1 fresh tomato - blend
1 fresh tomato quartered - garnishing
1 lime - squeeze juice over fried fish &
slice lime skin - garnishing (good to get rid of B.O.)
1/2 cup whole milk/coconut juice/evaporated milk
(milk depends on how thick or thin you the sauce to be)
salt to taste
Pour the blended ingredients into a pan and stir on low fire for several minutes. Add in salt to taste. Pour in milk and stir well till boil. If coconut juice is used, wait till the coconut juice "breaks" oil and you're done. Place the fried fish whole/fillets over the paste and let simmer for awhile till the juices are absorbed by the fish. swith off gas and cover with a lid. This will make the fish soggy and moist. Granish and serve.


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