Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mismatch Dinner

Yikes... tonight I went a wee bit overboard. My dishes didn't match with one another! I had intended for a dish with rice but I forgot there's not a grain at home. Jeez...gotta go groceries shopping soon.
Anyhow, I twisted a little bit and decided to make salsa as a dipping sauce with my fried Tilapia. But I had a feeling that wouldn't fill me up and made baked potatoes too. Then I thought why not have a stir-fry dish too. So out came all the veges I had and made stir-fry mihun. See... nothing matches aites?! But I had a filling dinner all the same. First course was the fried tilapia with my homemade salsa. Second was the stir-fry mihun and last was the baked potatoes.
To sum it all, I made a cup of hot mocha and had it with the Apple Pie I baked yesterday. Ok, now very happy. Can go and have my shower and go bobok (sleep that is). Errr... they say sleeping on a full tums will make you fat coz the food eaten will turned into sugar. Also it can raise the risk of indigestion and heartburn. Don't happen to all individuals though but I'm taking no risk. So here I am blogging. See, energy being use. Shoo-off you fats!!! Grrrrr...
Ingredients for Salsa
2 tomatoes - blanched & chopped
1 tomato - fresh and quatered
1 onion - quartered
1 red chilli - sliced
1 small green chili - half
1 whole baked Bell Pepper - sliced
2 dried bay leaves
dried whole oregano
1 tbsp tomato sauce
1 tbsp oyster sauce
2 tsp fish sauce
Weatherford Serendipity Salt
brown sugar
crushed black pepper
olive oil
Heat oil and saute onions. Add in chopped tomatoes, green and red chillies and stir till soft. Add in water. Better if you have stock. It'll produce a richer sauce. Add in all sauces, salt, sugar and crushed black pepper. Add in the bay and oregano. Bring to a simmer for a couple of minutes till sauce thickens. Lastly add in bay and oregano. Add in quartered tomatoes and bell peppers before serving. Nice homemade salsa. Great with chips/tortillas.


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