Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Chocolate Muffins for my Toothache

Remember that toothache that I had last? It still bugged me eversince and had not stop yet. So... yesterday, I made an emergensy appointment with my dentist. Walked all the way with my right face throbbing in pain. And when I say pain, IT IS PAINFUL! I donno how to describe but if you're a music freak, it's similar to that base rhythm you here. "thump... thump..." aaah like that laaa... imagine that big knob hitting on your face with a rhythmic thud... haiz... #@?$%!
So after the wonders of my dentist, which I'll describe as wonderfully painful experience... I was given a week's rest. I sooo... need it! Thus, head back office, inform the necessary peeps and headed home to sleep. Woke up today with a bruise on my right cheek. Ok, not too pretty but heck, the pain overwrites the looks. Had another dose of medication and laze about at home.
Then my itchy legs started to make their way to the kitchen and into the oven. My itchy hands started to pull out my baking trays and dived straight for the muffin trays. Alrite, head, heart, hands, legs are in sync. I needed some comfort food or desserts more like it. Not too tedious, long process, hard to clean up bakings here. My head's started its throbbed minutes ago and I need to have to bake something fast, simple and yet comfortingly delish. CHOCOLATE MUFFINS aites!!!
Hmmm... Chocolate muffins ready in 45 minutes flat. (25 minutes for baking and the rest for setting and cleaning). Soft, moist and definitely chocolatey. Should've have poured in all that chocolate chips in. Anyways, with a mug of warm milk and some chocolate muffins, I ate on bed and prepared for slumber. This medication is sure a strong one. Alrite, mates, I gotta go Zzz-land. Wish me a fast recovery... winks*


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