Friday, May 12, 2006

Fruit Cake

Just fyi, buying a homemade Fruit Cake will kinda cost you an arm and a leg here! u MUST be very much willing to part with yr $$$ more so during festive seasons. Usually in my community, homemade fruit cakes are sold through word of mouth. Usually it's the older generations who seemed to bake the best ones around! I don't know any shop which sells fruit cakes which are good coz I never buy any. Nearing the end of Ramadhan - the holy fasting month, mama will order (w/o fail) from this lady who does a mean Fruit Cake and other cakes too for that matter. It can be kept frozen for moons but hey let's not kid here, I'd give it a weeks top and you'll find only crumbs. That is if you can see crumbs. Betcha it'll be gone clean...
I suppose, Fruit Cake is kinda a festive cake. You'll never fail to see many versions created and sold during Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Weddings and anything. I guess it's a "hardy-decorative" cake which holds well during functions. Oh... there's someone who also loves this cake crazy. Thus I decide to bake one to see how it'll turn out in my hands. So into the net I search for an easy recipe and went through joyofbaking and zoomed for the Boiled Fruit Cake. Farnie... I thought cakes are either baked or steamed. Boiled??? Anyhow I did try and it turned out alrite! Oh... my fruit cake is a little on the low side not that it didn't rose. But I had no smaller baking tin and had to use a large one. Resulting in a flatter cake. Next time, just double the portions for a proper looking cake. Now... all the more I need to get that bread baking tin.


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