Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mihunfun aka Mihun Hongkong

Alrite... explanations here... This is a very typical broth noodle dish in Spore. Donno if it originated from Hong Kong BUT I very much doubt so. It's just a selling tactic. Anyhow, this noodle dish will be loved by many non-chilli peeps. Its rich broth will be a definite winner UNLESS you're allergic to prawns or any kind of seafood for that matter. This ought to be enjoyed steaming hot and I'd like it with slices of chilli padi (small chillies) with soy sauce. Mmmmmmm.... slurp...
Fillings w/o Broth
You can practically used any kind of noodles in here. Flat rice noodles = Horfun, Vermicelli/Mihun = Mihunfun or Yellow Mee = I donno what its call for this. Ladles of this broth will be poured onto the desired noodles and eaten hot. Fillings would usually made of slices of fish fillets, chickens/beef, prawns, squids, fishballs/cakes, chye sim (green leafy veges), crab meat etc. In fact, many stalls held different versions of this dish and it's up to your palate to decide.
Prawn Broth
The broth/sauce is made from prawn stock where the prawn shells+heads are boiled for sometime. I threw in a whole shallot for richness. Didn't peel the shallot's skin thus the browny coloured broth. As always, there'll be an accompanying of sides of vinegared green chillies or chillies in soy sauce and white pepper or even sesame oil for an extra kick.
Me Ultimate Mihun Hongkong
Yesternight, I just craved for this and did a quick one. Thank god there's enough ingredients to make it. The prawn broth was really lovely and enjoyed till the last bit.
Ingredients for Mihunfun
dried beehoon - soaked & strained
4-5 garlics - finely chopped
2 tbsp oyster sauce
2 tsp light soy sauce
1/8 tsp salt
6 prawns or more - shelled
crab meat (real bits or imitation ones ok too)
chyesim (any green leafy vege ok too)
dash of white pepper
olive oil
Heat oil and saute garlic. Make sure you have a low fire as not to burn the garlic. Add in prawns and cook till changed colour. Add in crab meats, oyster sauce, soy sauce, salt and a dash or two of white pepper. Scoop in ladle full of prawn broth. Let to boil. Close fire and add in the green veges (I like them crunchy).
Prawn Broth
Boiled water and put in all the shells and heads. Add 1 small onion/shallot and let to simmer. Add in leftover chyesim stems. Leave aside to cool. Ready to be ladle anytime. winks*


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