Friday, May 12, 2006

All Cornbeef

I only had bought cornbeef once which was Carter's brand. That was a looong time ago. I certainly gave cornbeef a miss as I'm not sure what I can do to spice them up! One day as I was passing thru the aisle in NTUC Supermarket, I chance upon Libby's cornbeef on special May promotion. It was going at SGD2.80. Way cheaper than Carter so I gave it a go. Upon reaching home, I was at a lost to what I should do with this impulse purchase. Oh, I had a 'starring' match with the can eh. Who know's an idea or two night pop-up??? cheh... So in it goes into my cans' cabinet. Sitting miserably till end week, I then finally managed to come up with two recipes. Nothing great but the use of cornbeef eased up my preparation minimally! Oh I so lurve you! But a word of advice here - DON'T take too much of this process food! No good for health ok! Don't say I didn't warn you peeps!
Cornbeef Thin Crust Pizza
Quiche Cornbeef


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