Saturday, May 13, 2006

A Dinner Wrapped-Up

Due to the fuss about the cream cheese I left at work and my scene with the Pumpkin Pie, I had too little time left to make dinner. In fact, it slipped my mind altogether. Only whilst I was having my Pumpkin Pie then I noticed something amissed. There's an extra tune apart from the teevee. But where ah??? Jeez... it's my tums! Oh, I forgot dinner laaa! I had no bread coz usually sandwiches are the easiest way out so I hunted for those wraps I bought a couple of days before. Hmmm... not yet pass expiry date. Made some fillings and in between the wrap they went. So, the pie just had to wait until after I finish dinner. Afterthat I gorged down two slices of pies and now as I'm typing, I'm at my fourth. The third was somewhere between the second and fourth. Need you ask???!
Fillings for wrap - boiled potatoes, eggs, onions, green chillies, sliced cheese and chilli sauce.


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