Thursday, May 11, 2006

Murtabak Daging @ Afghanistan Restaurant

Here's another murtabak for comparision. This came from Afghanistan Restaurant @ Tampines. A popular makan place in the East. This restaurant does not only concentrate on Indian food unlike ZamZam but offers a wide selection of food which different stalls cater i.e. Nasi Ayam @ Chicken Rice and to name a few - Black Pepper Chicken Rice, Sweet Sour Chicken Rice, Sambal Chicken Rice etc, Malay/Indonesian food - Soto, Lontong, Laksa, Mee Rebus, Kacang Pool, Bubur Ayam, Nasi Lemak, Chicken Porridge, Western food, Malay/Nyonya Kuehs, Mixed Rice and North Indian food too - Naan, Chappati, Kheema, Suji etc. An intersting eatery but only flaw is that it does not operate 24hrs. There's another eatery which does in the same area though, Al-Shalihin Foodplace. They also serve a number of varieties and best is that they're on 24/7! Perhaps the only time they close will be on Hari Raya. Afghanistan's murtabak is delicious too but if a comaprision is made, I'd take ZamZam's hands down!
Afghanistan Restaurant Food & Catering
Blk 201E Tampines St 23 #01-56
Singapore 527201


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