Friday, May 12, 2006

Changi Village Nasi Lemak

Ask any Singaporean and they are able to direct you to Changi Village. There, it's famous for Nasi Lemak. Good for a late night supper as most stalls operate till the wee hours. There, almost all the stalls will sell it. It'll be a headache if you're a first timer. People as usual will follow the crowd and tend to pick the longest Q as the mentality shows that it's the best. However, I beg to differ. You just have to venture rather than be a follower. One such stall which many Sporean will patiently Q is International Nasi Lemak which had been been nominated by Makansutra, featured in local newspapers and teevee. But my palate just don't seem to go with them. A few factors made me shun it altogether. I guess, after rated the best, they tend to deteriorate in their quality as well as service. In price wise, theirs are 50cents dearer than the usual SGD2. I prefer the one from Hajjah Salbiah foodstall. They have this sweet spicy sambal which is SUPERB! I receive better quality and quantity of Nasi Lemak and the service is great too! Oh, no long Qs like International thus I tend to get mine faster. But as i would usually say - "To each his own ok!"
Btw, this pic is from one of the many stalls and not Hajjah Salbiah's as it closed earlier. Tasted good but the rice was a little letdown. Sambal ok too.


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