Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Murtabak Ayam @ ZamZam Restaurant

Of ALL the murtabaks in Spore, I ONLY like the ones from ZamZam Restaurant @ Arab Street, North Bridge Road. They're chicken fillings are moist coz they use chicken curries and not fried chickens and mainly they're generous with their fillings. Not like some places where (1) the fillings are a witsy-bits, (2) too dry and rubbery, (3) small portions and (4) oh soo oily or oh too dry chickens. Nothing beats ZamZam's Chicken Murtabak. Note that I ONLY mentioned chicken coz I can't take mutton. I HATE the smell and taste! Me and mutton can't be together dead or alive. E'nuf said!
Oh, another plus point is that ZamZam is only a walking distance from my office and they open till 10pm or so. So I can get my fix anyday after work. Another thing is that all their murtabaks are wrapped in banana leaf and you'll get that whif of freshness moments when you open the packet. Mmmm-mmm... However, their curries are nothing to shout about. I'm happy enuf eating my murtabaks sauce-less. Anyways, you'll get a bit of the curry sauce in the mustabaks as they not only take the shredded chickens but also a little bit of the curries. Guess that's why their murtabaks stayed moist and not all too dried-out. Aaaahhh... I can have a whole portion of the murtabak on my own!

Cost of Chicken Muratbak - SGD5 - SGD6. Cost of Mutton Mrtabak - SGD6 - SGD7.
ZamZam also have other usual Indian dishes i.e Briyani, Mee Goreng, Mee Kuah, Prata, Mutton Soup, Indian Mixed Rice, "Tulang", Mutton Chop etc... Be sure you drop by ZamZam when you're near the area. There are also other Indian stalls along the way and they served the SAME food only different in flavours. Well to each his own aites!
ZamZam Restaurant
699 North Bridge Road
Kampong Glam, Singapore
Tel: 6295 6329


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