Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mee Bandung My Way

Yipppeee! I've been dreaming of cooking Mee Bandung. Usually I'll just have it outside when I crave for one. But tonight, I decide to make an attemp to it. Mee Bandung originated from Muar, Malaysia. I tried so many versions and ain't sure which is the original one. But most were similar in their fillings - green leafy veges, seafoods, poached eggs and with garnishes of spring onions and fried shallots.

Anyhow, I tried looking through all the recipes but kinda found it difficult (for my level) to follow. Thus, I made me own version. This shall be my comfort food from now on. Anyways, mine can be considered a healthy version. It had NO OIL! I repeat NO OIL! However, I used chicken legs and left the skin on. So, the oil came naturally from the chicken. This dish took a while to cook as I had it on low fire and let the ingredients merge with one another thus producing a lovely broth. I didn't have any garnishes at home, so you shall only view my naked Mee Bandung. Still delish all the same. hehheheeehhee...
Ingredients for Mee Bandung My Way
chicken legs
(I like this part but breast meat ok too)
water - enuf to cover chickens
2 Knorr chicken cubes
4 riped tomatoes-blanched & pureed
3 tbsp tomato sauce
1 onion - half
2 garlic - half
1 potato - cubed
1 carrot - sliced
2 sticks celery - sliced
yellow mee
Boiled water and put in chicken legs, onion and garlic in. Bring to a boil and then turn to low fire (simmer). Add in fresh pureed tomatoes and chicken cubes. Stir well. Add in tomato sauce. Add in all veges. Simmer for 30-45minutes till chicken legs cooked and sauce thickens. Take out chicken legs and shred. Blanched yellow mee and pour sauce over. Sprinkle shredded chickens and any garnishes at hand. Put in the leftover chicken bones into the sauce. This will add/enhance the sauce further. Frankly, I like it better when the sauce i was left overnight and simmered again the next day. It gave the right consistency which I wanted and the taste was richer. Now... I don't have to buy Mee Bandung no more! Unless... I'm to f***king lazy to cook that is... ;-P


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