Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sambal Sardin 2 versions

My Quickie Dinner
Haiiizzzzz... busy-busy day at work. I couldn't bear to get packed food home so I suppose the easiest and sure fastest way to dinner would be getting a can of sardine and whip up a good sambal dish. Anyhow, nutrients in sardines are very good! errr... ok perhaps the ones in the cans which are tomato base would be a minor exceptional. Lesser nutrients but sardines all the same aites! I still have that dried chili paste and that'll make a lovely sambal combi with the can sardines. I added in some semi-hardboil eggs (soft in the middle) and tomato wedges to make up for that "lost" nutrients which sardines should have. I made a sidedish of mixed chicken breast, capsicum, lotsa sliced garlics and an egg. Out came my last cup of Basmati rice and a meal was in place. I saved up the sambal for tomorrow. It'll make a fantastic base for pizzas tomorrow!
Ingredients for Sambal Sardines & Egg
3 tbsp dried chili paste (i like it hot)
1 onion - pound
3 garlic - pound
2 tbsp white sugar
1.5 tsp salt
tamarind juice - mix with water
1 tin can sardine (Ayam Brand)
semi-hardboiled eggs
(boil for 7 minutes)
vegetable oil
1 tomato - wedge
1 tin water - use sardine tin can
Heat oil and saute onion, garlic and dried chili paste till split oil. Add in sugar and mix well till mixture turned into a deeper redish colour. Add in water, tamarind juice and salt. Then add in sardines. Let it simmer. Lastly add in semi-hardboiled eggs and tomato wedges. Let simmer for a couple of minutes and DONE!
Ok, here's another way on how I did my Sambal Sardin. Similar ingredients used but different way of presenting them. Btw, it tasted a little different too. Try and you'll know aites!
Ingredients Sambal Sardine(2)
1 can sardines (Ayam Brand)
1 onion - slilced
2 garlic - sliced
1 green chili - deseed & sliced
1cm young ginger - sliced
2-3 lime juice
lime skin - julliene
(good to get rid of BO)
water (thickness depends)
crushed black pepper
olive oil
Heat oil and fry onion, garlic, ginger and chili. Pour in sardine + sauce. Bring to a simmer. Add in lime juice and water. Sprinkle in crushed black pepper. Be sure to add in lime skin last or just when about to serve. If not it'll taste bitter. Compared to above, this Sambal Sardin(2) is more tomato-ish and thinner. Oh, it'll be good if you have some chopped chinese parsley. the combi is just awesome!!!


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