Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Baked Firin Makarna

I got this baby sit still for half a sec, snap a pic & wooosh it toppled
Sounds bombastic huh...!?! It's just another type of pasta ;-p Its a hollow long strip pasta. On the packaging, it said to be a great substitute to lasagne. Becoz of the 'hollowness', this pasta absorbs more sauce unlike other pastas i.e. spaghetti or fettucine or linguine. It also gives that 'bouncy-like' effect thus creating a fuller bake. Anyhow, it tasted like any pasta should taste and cooking was easy too. I didn't have any other cheeses and had to make do with just the cheddar cheese slices from the packet :-(... I should have known better than not to use sliced cheddar cheese as thay did not bind well with the pasta thus creating a mess when I lifted them out of the baking tin. I tried EXTREMELY hard to get them together for the photo takings. phew... got a couple of pics before they started on their wiggly-woggly dance again. Still, I enjoyed the whole meal and next time I must remember to keep stock at least a block of the good old cheddar/mozzarella block of cheese.
The first pic showed the 'holes' after I cut them and the second one showed how not so pretty baking with sliced cheeses. Very symmetrical!


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