Friday, February 10, 2006

Too Long Overdued

I had downloaded this pic but it was stored in another hard drive. Just gotten all those pics transfered over to me new 160G hard drive. I can now download like crazieee and give you peeps all the foodilicious post.

This was a sumptous collection of food spread for Hari Raya.
(sigh... told you it was too long overdued! So don't grumble!!!)).

There's freshly grilled chicken and mutton satays. Similar to kebabs but sweeter and eaten with peanut sauce and sliced cucumber and onions to add the extra ziiing.... Beef Kheema with crusty baguettes and sunny-side eggs. Spicy Buffalo Wings. Lastly fresh cut papaya as dessert. With a cup of tea/coffee/orange squash later, we still had to move on to the next house despite the heavy tums. Hey, what's a festival without a good load spread of food aite!

I forgot to take the Hari Raya delicacies as we were too bz posing for group photos. Everyone wanted each to be taken with their digicams. So you can imagine the commotion! With everyone bickering about where to stand, which kind of pose, getting all into the lens, "my camera next", "oi... not good, take again la..." etc... etc...


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