Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Fried Ketupat & Sambal Cuttlefish

Today I'm so stuffed! Raining whole day as usual. Had some ketupat in the fridge but eating it on its own was too blah... next to it was a pkt of sambal dried cuttlefish courtesy from momma. With me last standing egg, I heat up the sambal, break an egg into the bubbling sambal. Mix it abt and slide in the cubed ketupats. Stir, mix-mix till all ingredients become one and done! Here's me Ketupat Goreng. Of course in there will be the egg and bits of cuttlefish. The other sidedish are shreds of lettuce coz I had like 2-3 leaves left and don't wanna waste them. That's me dinner for the night. Tomorrow another looong day... grrr...


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