Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Mom's fuss

I have an incredible mommy! Like any other parents, she worries for me ALL the time! Sometimes I'd wished she gets off my back for a moment but... when given the moment, I kinda missed her naggings and rantings.

Btw, I am the "garbage" in the family, eventhough I have a brother and sister whose sooo much bigger in size, they eat like a bird. PECKING! I'll be the ONE finishing up whats laid. Even me daddy ain't champion at that.
They'll either hate or love me when I dine with them.
Huh! Hey no good wasting good food yeh...!

Alright in with the point. Mommy had been worried that I wasn't eating properly. Well... she kinda don't count snacking err... let me emphasize healthy snacking that is and 1 dish meals a good one. So she effortlessly cooked me 'Stingray Assam Pedas'. Yippeee...!

All I had to do was cook the rice. She even had vege and papodom crackers as sides. Fresh lettuce to balance the whole meal. She bought me 3 potato curry puffs and an indian dessert call 'Puttu Mayam'. It looks like vermicile noodles which are eaten with red/orange sugar and grated steam coconut. I'll snap a pic next time yeh.

She watched me eat and after I finished she packed up and went home. See... how can I not say she's WONDERFULL! She came by just to bring me dinner! (Btw it's only a 30-40 minutes bus ride from hers to mine). Lurve you mommy!!! Lurve you!!!

Next time can you make me that Sambal Chicken and Lemak Chili Padi Prawns and Fried Bihun/Laksa/Yellow Mee/Spaghetti/Macaronni and Black Pepper Beef and Beef Rendang and Tomato Rice and Pulut Kuning with Beef Curry and... alright... alright... I KNOW I'm asking faaar tooo much. But don't think mommy dearest will mind. Right mom??? Mom... Mom... you there???


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