Monday, January 30, 2006

Basmati Briyani, Chix & Hashbrown

A friend gave me a pkt of basmati briyani he made during the weekend of Chinese New Year (CNY). Though I don't have quite a liking for rice or anything made of rice, I'd always give a leeway to Basmati rice. Not that I don't ever had eaten any other types of rice, just that Basmati will be the choice for me. Absolutely adore those long grains. Here, I baked a chicken marinated in pounded ingredients of cumin, black pepper, dried rosemary, a dash of Weatherford Serendipity Salt and virgin olive oil. The hashbrown was a substitute of the absence of potato. (Needs to do some stocking up sooon...). Anyhow, the rice went well with the chicken and hasbrown. This dish will be better off with some curry gravy. But for now, this will do! Oh, Happy Lunar New Year to all celebrating and Happy Loong Holidays for all!


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