Thursday, February 09, 2006

Heinz Potato & Spinach Soup

I'm never too keen in having canned soup. I had the Campbell Mushroom Soup before and wasn't too happy. But it was different when I chance upon this Heinz brand. The can looked appetising and pleasing enuf for me to have a go. It cost me only SGD2. So... worth the try aite! And sure enuf, it tasted good for a can version. Neither too watery nor starchy. Not too salty either. I added in canned button mushroom and some leftover roasted beef pieces. Microwave all for 2 minutes and me soup was done! ez-pz. Lovely dinner for a rainy day. Next time I'm gonna lugged back half a dozen of these and tryout more flavours. I'm eyeing that Tomato Soup, Beans and Potato Soup and Minestronne Soup. It better stay at SGD2 or I'm not buying!


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