Thursday, February 09, 2006

Beef Horfun & Sweet Sour Chicken Rice

"Someone" was kind enuf to volunteer to get me dinner at Cafeela Restaurant @ Jalan Kayu (the shop with blue coloured chairs). I ordered Beef Horfun and two roti pratas.
Greeedy??? No laaa... Hungry only .

When the food arrived I spied upon his choice of Sweet Sour Chicken Rice and was jealous. Don't you think he's food looked more colourful than my glittery black sauce??? Nyways I tucked in and this Beef Horfun did not dissappoint me. Had a steal at one of his chix and it tasted ok. Chix was coated with thick batter but crunchy nontheless. Glad I stayed put with my choice. The pratas were soft but not crispy due to the closed packet. So the moist stayed in rather than out. But nvm that.

Oh... I made him make me a cup of mini Milo Dinosaur. I got no glass big enuf for a gigantic version so small one will do ok. Had that with Beef Horfun. Hah... on top of my own world. Then tums was tooo full and had to forgo a chocolate bar that I wanted as dessert. Will eat it before I go sleep-sleep later.


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