Monday, January 30, 2006

Potatoes, Chix & Soft Tofu

Hiyaaa peeps... Been pretty, pretty bz of late. Work, work & more of work... But... hey, I did manage to squeeze a witsy bit time for cooking still!

Hadn't been out grocery shopping so, just had to use whatever's in dear fridge. The soft tofu's expiry date is coming on fast & out it came. I had a potato left and also 2 backbone chickens from last grocery shopping. Those had been marinated & freezed. Super! Everything went into the baking pan. With a drizzle of soy sauce, virgin olive oil, chopped chives, ground black pepper, I pop them all into the oven @ 200'C for 45 minutes & waited. "Kriiing..." Off the timer went & my dinner's ready!

Not so much of a super perfect meal but hey I got me carbo (potatoes), protein + calcium (tofu & chicken). So it ain't that bad after all aite!
Next time I'll plan my meals ahead. Oh bother... now I gotta find space to insert my "meals schedule"


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