Monday, January 30, 2006

@ McCafe

Alright, due to the loong holidays, most shops/eateries are closed. And I was craving for a brownie! Someone suggested McCafe @ McDonald's and without hesitation off we went at 2am. Yeeehaaa...!

It doesn't serve the best brownie, but hey who's complaining if that's
what we can find in the wee hours!

I'm not a huge fan of coffee but since it was drizzling and EVERYONE else was having it. I had the McCafe's Machiatto. Mmm... not baaad... But I'm NOT getting it again. Next time I'll have the hot/cold cocoa. Pretty boring but I'm a chococ freak! So ain't do me no good w/o chocs aite!

Great thing's that the price ain't all that bad for me pocket. A large cup sets
me back for $4.20. The brownie was at $3.50-$4 (sowie I forgot exactly how much). The friendly server was all ok with me asking for additional whipped cream at the side and even gave me the works of chocolate drizzle and cocoa powder. Super! That definitely will settle me craving.

Oh, apologies for the bad pics. Snapped them with me friend O2 mini and turned out horribly bad...


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