Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Same fillings Different mains

Oooh.. I made these fried versions as I had that Basmati leftover from the "Potluck get-together" (previous post). Had 1 bundle of Ee Mee left and whipped up that too. Nyways these dishes were dinner for two nights. Yesterday was Fried Ee Mee and tonight is Fried Rice. Both tasted a witsy-bit different though... ??? But tasted as good as the other. Spicy!!! coz I scooped out a whole tbsp of blended chili. I usually blend a whole tub which will keep for moons. Of course you gotta scoop out the chili with a fresh spoon each time as to prolong its lifespan.

Chili paste
a bunch of dried chilies
1 mid size onion
2 garlics
a little water for ez blending

Ingredients for Fried Rice and Fried Ee Mee
Chili paste (more scoops hotter it'll be)
1 onion chopped
Sliced beef
Canned button mushrooms
Olive oil (to fry)
1 egg (opt) - mee was with egg & rice wasn't
Oyster sauce
Tomato sauce
Soy sauce

Fry chili till dry (que is that when no one in the room sneezes anymore aite)
Put in the diced onion and fry till softens. Put in the meat and mushrooms. Lastly add in rice or mee. Add in the oyster sauce, soy sauce and tomato sauce to taste. If it's still too hot, sprinkle in sugar to tone down the heat. you're done in less than 10 minutes!


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