Saturday, February 11, 2006

Soup for Lunch

For a Sat, I woke up pretty much 'earlier' than usual. About 10-ish. Late for some but early for me alright. Washed me face and went straight for the packet of Kellogs Honeystars. Ate them right out of the silverish packet 'naked' aka no milk laaa... while watching Adventure with Keith Floyd on Travel & Living.

Than as a norm routine, the 'fridge rummaging' activity... Oh, I hadn't finish that Heinz Potato and Spinach can soup. Poured what's left into a bowl, shoved in a couple of cooked prawns and into the microwave for 1.5 minutes on high. Topped it with shredded lettuce and me lunch's ready.

This soup seemed to be the simplestest meal available. This gotta work fine for zee moment. Think me gonna have a good-good dinner later. Coz of that I'm surfing through the Net to see which place's best for tonight's eating rendezvous...


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