Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Baby's 1st Month

This year's New Year's celebration was kinda different. I neither party nor see any fireworks. I didn't even watch teevee! It was rather a customary affair @ a friend's place. It's her baby's first month. So a little feast for her little one.

But err... I was too excited with meeting my mates that I kinda forgot to take pics of the lovely spread . Even the foodies I packed home were gone before I got to snap them. There were mostly asian spicy homecooked food by me friend's dear momma. Lemon Fish Fillets, Dried Curry Chicken, Spicy Black Soy Chicken, Beef Rendang, Acar Salad, Tomato+Greens+Egg Salad with chili drizzle, Fruit Salad, lotsa different kind of malay desserts, Papodums (Indian spiced crackers), Chicken Crocquets & fruit punch to quench ya thirst with all that food. It was deeelicious!

Ooh... I ranted too much on food. Now, as I the topic is, it was customary to celebrate when the baby turns a month old. Kinda like a birthday celebration yeh. After wishing the baby well and so on... each guest will receive a gift from the host/hostest as a mark of 'thank you'.

I took all 4 different kinds. Greedy...? Nooo...! I got to let you peeps know how these lurvy gifts looks like aite! See the pics, most of the gifts will have an egg each. RED hardboiled eggs. Beats me why red eggs, m not sure the significant behind it. But will definitely find out more. About it being hardboiled maybe the reason being that it will not break so easily???

Another gift was the aromatic pandan leaves with rose petals and rose water all mixed into one. This is usual during a wedding ceremony too. Kinda like a potpurri but a wetter version. I kept the sachet in my napkin drawer. Now that drawer is open many more times with no valid reasons! Hah...! Sometimes, the eggs are in their natural colour not dyed. That's what are in the multi-coloured boxes.

Printed on the boxes are "Thank Yous" as a gesture of thanks to the guests. I lurve when being invited to these "parties". Main attraction is of course fooood and NOT forgetting to do lotsa catching ups. Now I have have half a dozen hardboiled eggs seating in the fridge. I'd do something with them. You'll see.....


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