Wednesday, January 04, 2006

What I do b4 off to zz-Land

I have a bad habit. I HAVE to have something before going to bed. Something sweet for that matter. To satisfy this sweet tooth or shall I say sweet teeth of mine. Usually, I'll snack on chocolates w/c are abundance in my fridge. But today, I wanted something else, a hot cup of mocha. More chocs than that bitter coffee. Why mocha and not cocoa, donno. Just following zee tums aites! After drinking half the cup (evidence from the pic), I took out some bread (it was the nearest easiest thing to reach for alrite), and dipped it in me mocha. Aaah... But err... tonight I didn't just stop there. This tums wanted something else. Naughty-naughty tums! Something sooo opposite. Potato chips. I got half a packet right beside the loaf of bread, so, can't possibly missed it huh?! So dip, dip, crunch, crunch till I was thoroughly happieee enuf to go zz-land... Zzzzz...


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