Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wet Sunday

sigh... we're supposed to go to the Singapore Zoological Gardens on Sun but didn't make it due to bad... very bad bad wheather. It was raining zee whole day morning-night-morning. Mr Sun must have had taken the day's off heeehehehe... Look at what I caught on cammy. Clouds were heavy & low plus wind everywhere. There goes our wk's laundry yet again...
Nyways... to 'compensate' the cancelled zoo outing, we had Nasi Briyani for lunch. Yums! In it were, curry chicken or fried chicken whichever you prefer, pickled vege acar & dalca gravy kinda like curry but milder coz in it are lentils, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, long beans and some mutton pieces for better flavouring and of course the briyani basmati rice. m-mmm... finger licking gooodaaa!

Later that night, I made some popiahs. Rainy days always makes me extra hungry... A number of preparations needed to be prepared first before you can savour these snacks.

Basically, I'll decide on the filling and then the rest follows. In the mean time, start thawing the popiah skin (coz this'll take appx 45 mins) and later seperate them out piece-by-piece. Today it'll be a potato curried filling. In the mean time you can cook the filling while waiting for the popiah skin to defroze. See, you can multitask for this recipe. In fact you can make tons of this popiahs, keep them in an air tight container and then freeze them. Take out what you requires each time, defroze then cook. ez-pz! btw, I NEVER fry my popiahs. They will be baked. I simply HATE frying (deep or shallow or whatever). Even my nuggets, fries, hashbrowns, cutlets, chicken wings etc are bake. ALWAYS!

Ingredients for Baked Popiah
1 pkt popiah skin - peel & seperate them
2-3 Russet potatoes - diced
2 onions - diced
2 tbp curry powder
1 cube Knorr chicken
salt to taste
Olive oil
1/2 cup water (more if the filing's too dryout)

Fry diced onions then add in diced potatoes. Throw in the Knorr chicken cube and add in water a little at a time. Mix all well. Stir in the curry powder. Cover with a lid and let the potatoes cook. Sometimes I'd put in minced meat and diced carrots for extra flavour.
Take one popiah skin and spread the filings then roll them. I sealed the roll-ups with mayonaise. Drizzle olive oil in a baking tin and place in the popiahs. Roll them a bit so that all are coated with oil. This is to give them a crisp like texture just like when you fry them. Bake for 35 minutes @ 220'C.


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