Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hanuta Hazelnuss Schinette

I got this really great wafer chocolate that I gotta share. Perhaps some may have already known this particular wafer. But as a 'saying' might go... "We Care, We Share"... ('0') Thus here's this piece of marvellicious HANUTA. This was bought at Empire Candy @ Spore Changi Airport. My agenda in that candy store was to grab a couple of Willy Wonka's chocolate bars and candies but chance upon this instead. It was packed in a box containing like about a dozen of these gold coloured covered wafers. Since this IS the last standing piece, I'd better take the oppurtunity to blog about it before you ain't seeing it no more. erm... btw, I'll be heading to Changi Airport soon to refill my chocolate and candy stock. I'll be sure to grab at least two boxes of this home.
That should last me for awhile aite...!


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