Sunday, December 18, 2005

Dried Fruits Yogurt

I so... love yogurt. All flavours. Even the natural ones. I'd love it more when additional things are added in to give that extra umph! Usually, I'll just add in raisins. But it'll be a bonus if there are more stocked around the house. Here, I've added in chopped dried apricots, raisins & preserved mangoes which my baba aka daddy had painstakingly lugged a sack of unriped mangoes from kampung, cut them into slices and fermented them in sugar (to blend in the acidity of the unripe mangoes) & a little bit of water in a jar. It taste WoW! It's just like the preserved wet kinds you get off-shelf from the supermarket i.e. preserved papaya, mangoes, plums etc. It keeps for months & I love to add them to zest up a dish or dessert anytime!

Besides dried fruits, fresh fruits are a good option too. One fruit I'll never have in my yogurt is DURIAN! (a thorny fruit with succelent delectable sweet yellow flesh). I know this coz all others around me seems to enjoy this seasonal fruit like crazy. Madnessss! Me, I hate the smell. Makes me faint. Tasted before but won't go into my good books any time. Ok, enuf said abt the King of Fruits.

Btw, natural yogurt is a great substitute for salad dressings and dips. Healthier too! Store a couple in your fridge coz they'll sure come in handy! But do keep track of the expiry date yeh!


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