Sunday, December 25, 2005

What I did on Xmas eve

After a looong day at work y'day, I had a gooodnight's sleep. Can't be any better that it rained the next morning 'forcing' me in bed longer. So I reached office at 1pm instead. But then it strucked me! What am I doing here on a SAT and Xmas eve at that! I need a breather! But before leaving, I managed to snap the Padang view. My everyday view in the office. Kewl huh?!!! Btw, the Esplanade and Swisshotel the Stamord is on the leftside. This view takes my load off work for awhile sometimes.

So, I head down to Starbucks at Plaza Singapura and had Peppermint Mocha Frappe. It drizzled a little while and when it stopped, I decide to have a little dessert at Rochor Original Beancurd at No.2 Short Street. Only 60 cents and tasted lovely. Smooth and the right sweetness. Heard that there are better ones around but this is the nearest from office.

Then decided to walk to Little India and head down to Mustafa Shopping Mall. It's this huge mall (not the fancy ones like in Orchard Rd) with all the things you can think of buying (I mean it). Endless and it operates 24/7! But along the way I notice the semi renovated 'old' Cathay cinema. They still preserved the old building upfront w/c was a Japanese office during WWII and built a new building surrounding the back of it. I miss the good old days when the cinema was in operation. Kinda like a transition back in time.

Oh ya... before heading for that dessert, I bought a pkt of Barilla's Espresso cookies to keep me company along the way. yeh, it sure taste coffee-ish aite! Perhaps with a cup of hot cocoa would do the trick.


Blogger anup.777 said...

Wishing You a very very Happy Christmas m8!

25 December, 2005 02:05  
Blogger Lee said...

these are really interesting posts and photos! your foodie take on things ;)...have a great holiday!

25 December, 2005 02:16  

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