Sunday, December 25, 2005

Royce Chocolate - Cherry Marnier

It's Christmas... and I got pezzies! A couple of fine chocolates to be precised. Godiva, Leonidas, Royce Chocolate and Prestat. Yet to open all though. Just Royce and Leonidas. Chocoliciously wonderful... mmm...! I like the packaging for Royce Chocolate and so have a couple of shots to show here. They seemed adventurous in keeping their chocolates in good condition thus I see wrapper in a wrapper in a foil wrapper in a plastic sealed wrapper in a box and the chocolate inside is wrapped in plastic with a drying gel like agent to retain the chocolates at its best. nvm that! What matters is the chocolitos. It's sooo smooth and melts-in-your-mouth kind of texture that they even provide a small 2-headed fork to pick up the chocolate! Made my day anytime! Another 'chocolate' I like from Royce is their potato chips coated chocolate. Chocochipolicious...! It taste saltish, bitterish and heavenly good. check this link out.
Look at that cocoa dusted chocolate. That's my first bite there. Then came the second, third and urm... got to stop there. So, Leonidas was my next target. Oh I soo do lurve chocolates. Dark ones! Heeehaaa!


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