Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Punggol Fish Farm

First time I went pond fishing! The dodgy looking fish farm didn't give me a good first impression. The track into the farm was terrible. It was quite a distance from the main road but upon entering, the serenity gave you a totally complete different feeling altogether! The pond was surrounded by trees and a short distance away will be Punggol-end. There was a staggering fee and the longer you stay the fee rose each time by the hour. Barely a couple of minutes later, me mate caught a seabass. Huh... talk about fast luck!
Big looking fellow ain't it...! It was an hour or so after we got our second catch. I'm not sure what fish it is. I only know how to eat them. Just for info, the fee included fishing rods, baits (fresh prawns), nets and hooks. Of course any extras you bring them yourself aite.We ended the fishing at 6pm as the little ones were getting cranky, tired and hungry. So off to a friend's place for dinner. Nope, we didn't eat the freshly caught but yesterday's caught. 2 steamed Golden Promfrets! Oh ya, the taste of fresh fish was WoW! This adds up as the hostess is a great cook! She's the one who cooked up that delicious Spicy Mee Goreng for the picnic.

We also had fried chicken wings, sauted brocolli and mushrooms and seafood tomyum soup. All these eaten with rice. Mmm... good meal! A little while later, we head home. And I assumed everyone had a good deep sleep after the whole day's event! Next weekend, we planned another outing. Of course I'll blog about it! Til then... toodle doo...!


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