Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Picnic on Boxing Day

It's been along time since we went for a picnic. Since it's a public hols and most ain't working or studying, we planned an outing. Picnik-ing @ East Coast Beach. It was a potluck picnic where everyone contributed something. It drizzled a witsy-bit in the morning and stayed partly cloudy till mid afternoon. Perfect! Though non of us went down to the beach, we had a whole lotsa fun eating (that's the main event), catching up with one another and just hanging around. Oh ya... someone brought an old game along, LUDO! Yeh, it sure brought back old memories (not that we're that old!). We had to polish our brains on the rules & regulations of the game as everyone seemed to have a different version each! But fun we had!
Mee Goreng

Nasi Lemak - Fish, omelette, sambal & cucmber Hot Doggies Brownie Roti Boyan These are the food we've brought for the picnic. Spicy Mee Goreng, Nasi Lemak, Hotdogs, Brownies, Roti Boyan (it's similar to curry puffs aka epok-epok only the filing of potatoes+eggs are not spicy and the pastry a little thicker). You ought to eat it with the sweet spicy chili sauce to give that umph! Everything was homemade except for the Nasi Lemak & Roti Boyan. After this we head down to Punggol Fish Farm. FISHING!


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