Sunday, September 06, 2009

I'm A.L.I.V.E S.T.I.L.L.

As per the subject. Well more active than ever before. Let's blame the Lit'l Precious for it. I've neglected this blog for moons. I ONLY have time surfing in the wee hours of the morning (like now), when the Lit'l Princess is fast asleep and after I've done ALL my never ending chores OR when I'm at work. Which of course does not warrant me to have my ass sit-ed down for hours of blogging and updates. That's call skiving...

Honestly, I've been cooking and baking and trying countless of toddlers recipes BUT NEVER have time to actually blog about it. What more to upload the pics I've dutyfully snapped. Sad..... I reckon you can put it as I'm damn lazy and would like to catch on my sleep rather than facing the monitor and wait for the uploads. Oh yeah, I'm in need of 72 solid hours of peaceful sleep with no small hands harrassing my boobs for the indefinite milk supply. Imagine, you in slumber and every 3 hours, there'll be a voice with a sharp outburst "NAK mek-mek, NAK mek-mek, NAaaak" (want milk). Hish... sometimes, I just roll her to her oblivious Papa who in no sense will wake up coz all he'll say is, "aren't you the one she's asking for?" jeeesz... Each night I'm always ready with a bottle of 240ml warm milk to stuff her. But you will notice these tiny arms shoving hard and grab for the ultimate boobs for her nightly dose. Only sometimes I'm able to get away with serving her bottled milk. Else, it'll be the boobs to go. Oh, and mine you, the Lit'l Princess still needs 3 x serving of milk (for bottled) every night. If BF, it'll be countless self-service. So, a 72 hours deep sleep is a justifying proposition!

Evenso, I'm still loving every moment of it albeit being really tired each morning. This priceless experience will soon ceased with time. My Lit'l Princess is growing healthy at 19months now. Soon, she'llbe starting her playgroup classes. I'm also enrolling her for ballet, violin and aikido. Her dictionary has increased since the last. Oh, and she said "I.B.U." on the morning of 1st Ramadhan! Sweet rite. I KNEW she was saving the best for last. But it had last been change to her twang of her tongue to "A.BO". Whatever la.

Back to the updates of this blog, I PROMISE for the gazillion times, that I will not forsake blogging. Frankly, I had forgotten Daylillies until a long-time friend SMS on my recipe of Apple Pie. I do hope she succeeded.


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