Sunday, November 30, 2008

Baby Formula... hmmm...???

I've been BUSY with the Little Princess. I did cooked and baked but it seems that I NEVER can find the time to blog! Jeesh... OR I'm just layzieeee OR I didn't want to lose any precious moments with my one and only. I'd pick the latter. I cooked every alternate days and baked whenever time I could squeeze in. SO I'm not lazieee huh....
Anyways, tonight's different. I had to clear 2 mini baguettes in the fridge, thus the night baking. Morever, Little Princess is sound asleep. She's dead tired after playing peek-a-boo with her Papa and me. Oh, she's 10 mths + now. My little darling is growing up fast. I've just browsed thru her pics when she was like 1 to a week old. So much had changed. She's like already cruising and could stand for like 5 seconds on her own. Perhaps she could just walk any moment now...
Ok, I can't blog for long. I've a philosophy to follow. When the Little Princess sleeps, I GO TO SLEEP TOO. The least I could waste is an hour. Besides, studies did proved that a person who have adequate rest of 8 hours or more are slimmer. Therefore, I steadfast to this rule aites!
So here goes. I baked Choc Chips Bread Pudding with a special ingredient ---> BABY FORMULA. And it bloody worked! Tasted bloody good! For mommies who have many samples in hand and nearing to their expiry dates. Go try this recipe. That is if you have no qualms about it...
Choc Chip Baby Formula Bread Pudding
2 mini baguettes or 1 normal baguette
150ml hot water
20 scoops baby formula (I used Enfalac and Nan Pro)
5 tbsp condense milk
2 eggs
200g chocolate chips
Mix well hot water and baby's formula in a bowl. Add in condense milk and mix well. Add in eggs and mix. In another bowl, shred the baguettes into bitesizes. Pour in the mixture and let the bread soak in the mixture. Add inchocolate chips. Use a non-stick muffin tray and scoop in full. Bake for 20 minutes in 180'C. Serve warm with a drizzle of condense milk or ice-cream...
Oh, to answer with a number of similar queries. YES, alternatively, other milk powder can be a substitute to Baby's Formula. Try with Fernleaf, Everyday, Dumex, Anlene etc... You could also use just cindense milk. Just up the amount (let's say x 3 more). Add in a couple of tbsp of creamer for added thickness. Apart from powdered milk, one can use full cream milk too. : )


Blogger habeebee said...

wah...looks good! macam sedap! can i not use baby formula?? normal milk powder?

11 December, 2008 13:56  

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