Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Apologies...

Do you peeps noticed that time now flies really... really fast...? OR is it just me...?!!! My Precious Litl Princess is coming 15mths soon. She's already walking, uttered her first ever word - S.T.A.R., drank more formula, eating solid food oh... and practically turning into a vainpot... She won't be out of the house without her (1) hair clip, (2) her yellow-flowery watch, (3) DORA handbag OR Hippo bagpack, (4) batik prints hat and (5) shoes & socks (now she adores the sandals that makes that squeeky sound whenever she steps. I HATE those. But they were a gift from her nanny, so ok lar). Now, I dress her in more skirts and dresses. Ooooh... I just loves the way she sashays... with her diaper-butt and tiny steps.
Before, I can't wait for her to start flipping, then crawling, then cruising and finally walking. But if I couldturn back time... I'd really prefer her asa newborn always. Pssst... it's easier to maintain. I have NO regrets. I love her just the way she is now. "B" is ever so proud being the Papa. Yeah, why shouldn't "B" becoz the 3rd word she uttered was no other than "Pa..pa". 2nd was T.O.Y. No IBU yet... But I KNOW, it'll just be in a matter of time..
Eversince, Litl Princess came, I seemed to have really littl time left for blogging. OR maybe, I just want to spend all the time I have with Litl Princess. I guess the latter. Eh, my time management is STILL outstanding. If not, how can I still juggle work, household chores and lookng after Litl Princess every night and weekends without help. Oh, the man of the house helps a great deal too. Kudos to "B". He is what I call the "New-Age-Parent". Thank God, he shares the workload with me. If not I'll be crushed and stick-thin. Eh, I do like the latter. Running after Litl Princess is a cheap workout. Breastfeeding also helps to maintain some of my weight. I'm still a couple of kilos above my pre-pregnancy weight. "B" said I looked fuller... Yeah, whatever... I still can't fit into my favourite size 2 jeans.
Meals for us are many a times packet food. Now, with the recession and all... packet food is a tad cheaper after much calculations (since there's only the TWO of us adults). Still... homecooked food beats handsdown. PROMISE, I'll download all the pics I've saved soon...
Wait for me to blog again soon... Don't give-up on this page yeah... To all, who dropped by, many, many thanks for the support. To some who just don't know what to do with their life and trashed things here, I still wish you well. The old me will just say this "keep your s**t outta my space you dinghead". It's the Litl Princess who mellowed me down. Till then... ToodLes...


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