Saturday, September 27, 2008

Iftar Chocolate Brownie Cake

Harlow.... people...!!!!! I'm back, back, back! It feels good to continue again after M.I.A for soooo loooong... "My apologies..." Let's blame the Little Princess for this aites ;-) hahahahaaaa... I had been cooking and baking every now and then but had no time to snap pics and whatmore to update! Let's say, I'm S.L.O.W. and I wanted to put ALL my attention to the Little Princess. After work, my time is SOLELY to Little Princess, weekends DEFINITELY with Little Princess. In fact any other free time is with Little Princess. My world revolves around Little Princess AND also "B" (he's NOT forgotten huh!). Sheeesh... the time flew too fast when you've become a Mommy. But I loved EVERY minute of it. TIRED I am, but that's put a side when I see my Little Princess SMILE! So tonight, I put in a tad more effort to stay up later to blog.

I hope I'm not too late to still wish the Muslims brothers and sisters "SELAMAT BERPUASA!". This will be the last week for us to fully utilise the holy month of Ramadhan before Eid Mubarak arrives this Wednesday. This year, I didn't bake any goodies for Hari Raya. Bought a couple of tidbits and some kuehs (just to fill up the table for guests). Maybe next year I'll be a little more productive.

Anyhows, tomorrow, the mates are going to gather to a friend's house for a last minute iftar. I'm determine to go (eventhough "B" had to work till after 8pm). I'm going to 'show' Little Princess around. That answer tonight's blogging and late night baking. It's suppose to be a potluck iftar. So I'm gonna showcase my Chocolate Brownie Cake. "B" already had a go. So if you peeps are reading this, you'll know the answer why there's a missing piece. Oh, "B" gave his thumbs up. "B" said I still got the 'touch'. Ahuh, appreciated the comment. So now just shush and eat hokay...

This time, I didn't bother to open the recipe book. It was based on memory. The recipe books had been kept in the store room to make space for Little Princess' books. Oh yeah, she have books from 0mths to 3years old. THE MOMMY is kiasu... Thank GOD the brownie turned out edible. phew... Also, I put in little extra effort to make the icing so to make the brownie a tad presentable. Now, it's safely in the fridge for tomorrow's iftar.

I hope to log on often after this. Oh, for updates, my Little Princess can crawl now. She's exploring every nooks and corners of the house. My baby is growing up. Her favourite daily affairs is to be a dinosaur (this week she's a Brontosaurous). Hari Raya week, we promised she'll be a T-Rex. You all ought to hear her growl... Till then...
Ingredients for Iftar Chocolate Brownie Cake
(DO NOTE that all these are not measured coz I wanted to minimise the washing part)
400g hazelnut chocolate
2 eggs
brown sugar
biocarbonate soda
canola oil
AP flour
Ingredients for Chocolate Sauce
200g chocolate
1.5 tbsp salted butter
Double boil chocolate. Add water till it becomes a smooth paste. I know that many will disagree with adding water in chocolate. But I had seen a cooking series on Discovery Channel that, if a chocolate sauce is 'spoilt' when water accidentally comes into contact, DO NOT throw the mixture. Just add in more water and keep stirring till it becomes a sauce again. Thus, I 'purposely' added water in today's recipe. It worked! Put the chocolate mixture aside to cool. In another bowl, beat eggs and mixed in sugar. Stir well till combined. Pour in canola oil into chocolate mixture. Add in egg mixture into chocolate mixture. Stir to combine. Sprinkle some biocarbonate soda. Add in AP flour bit-by-bit and stir well. My gauge to stop adding AP flour is when the mixture becomes a thick paste. Similar to when you make muffins. Grease a baking pan with melted butter. Bake @ 180'C for 20 minutes or when nothing sticks on the skewer when you test it. Place on a coling rack.
For the chocolate sauce, double boil the chocolate with butter. Slab onto the cooled chcolate cake and 'dress' accordingly. Put in the fridge for a couple of hours before cut to serve. Its full chocolatey brownie cake. Those chocolate lovers will definitely enjoy this. Go try!


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