Friday, March 28, 2008

Picnic! Picnic!

It's been a looong... looong... while since I last when to the beach. Intended to take a dip BUT Little Princess is erm... too little. Gotta wait till she gets a little older. I had been waiting for this outing the whole week! I've packed Little Princess' bag as early as last weekend. All's ready to go. It was Sista-B's idea to have the small gathering. Was a good idea and I second that. Instead of having it at home (w/c usually will be at mine), we are going out for a picnic. Changi to be exact.
AND... what is a get-together without FOOD huh... huuh...?!!! Thus, it was a great excuse for me to plan what to bring. Not that I have to BUT I want to! Only downturn is that I can't make much elaborated goodies. I need recipes that are fast, easy, less time consuming to make and importantly... easy to transport around. Nowadays, I can't just lugged my favourite designer handbags no more. It's gotta be a bagpack. No kidding yeah! Oh, also we have to have the pram too. My stuffs would mainly be the mainly keys, my Braun Buffel coin pouch, vaseline and a hairclip. Haiz... so tak glamour...
Anyhows, I managed to prepare these treats for the picnic. Chocolate Muffins, Mini Apple Pies and Bread Pizza. These three are the simplest I could come up with. I hope, Little Princess will behave tomorrow. Hmmm.... my motherly instinc tells me she WILL...
Ingredients for Chocolate Muffins courtesy from
(I followed the Chocolate Ricotta Muffins MINUS the Ricotta cheese thou)

Ingredients for Mini Apple PiesBread Pizza ez-pz


Anonymous Anonymous said...

looks yummy!!!

16 April, 2008 20:42  

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