Saturday, September 27, 2008

The get-together-iftar a SUCCESS

We had a GREAT time! Little Princess had FUN! GREAT FUNTIME with all the other babies and toddlers. She was an independent baby. I let her sit and crawl around as she deemed wished. Although I STRONGLY disapproved of letting her crawl on the tiled flooring, I obliged today seeing that she is ENJOYING herself. Next time I know NOT to dress her in that "ra-ra" skirt. Long pants or 3/4 pants would be most appropriate. Her knees were red due to all the crawling. She wasn't cranky, was all friendly with my mates and most of all she could be-friend with the other kids. I was all smiles when she sat in a circle amidst other toddlers above 12months and played with them! Not onced she wanted to be carried by her Ibu and Papa and yeah, she even missed her milk-milk time with me. How to breastfeed when other kids are peering about??? She was a darl...

At least, this'll prepare me when Hari Raya comes next Wednesday. I'll know how to deal with Little Princess with all the 'chaos'. This'll be her FIRST Idilfitri with us and I'm positive we'll enjoy it together! We've been teaching her to 'salam' with the elders and she did it with grace. I'll post up a pic for proof!

We mates did a lot of catching ups and you ought to hear the noise level. With the kids and elders at one go... hmmm... Kakak M house macam nak roboh! Not included the mess we did to her house too! There were lotsa food for iftar. Sweet Sour Fish, Opor Ayam, Ayam Kicap Pedas, Kangkong Goreng Belachan, Beef Kailan, Chapchai, Sup Tulang Merah, Murtabak, Fishball Soup, Fried Rice, Fried Chicken, Lychee Muffins, Chocolate Brownie, Doughnuts, Shepherd's Pie, Bubur Pulut Hitam, Roll Cakes, Choc Chips Cookies, Rempeyek, Ice Cream Soda, tea and coffee... phew... we had a fulfilled iftar. AND for once I had a satisfying break fast after 26 days of simple meal of kuehs (coz I had to rush to MIL to fetch Little Princess. So our break fast are short). I'm looking forward to the jalan raya with the mates.
Since we're at our last week of Ramadhan...
I'm taking this oportunity to wish ALL my Muslims brothers and sisters -
from Daylillies, "B" and Little Princess!"


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