Friday, March 07, 2008

Missing Cooking!

Hi peeps! I'm now well and baby's doing great. She'll be TWO MONTHS this coming Mar 16th. Fast ain't it huh?! I was counting the days to go by when I was in my 1 month confinement period. Waiting... and waiting for the month to end and for my girl to celebrate her 1 month old. After that, time seemed to fly really fast! And before I knew it, February was over and done with and come March. She's definitely much bigger, longer and heavier than before.
I've not neglected my kitchen duties. Just that these days, I've been cooking one dish-meals and repetitions of what I've done before. Thus, no updates for the moment. I so..... missed cooking and baking. "B" had been a great help and he's giving me the leeway in the kitchen department. Thanks DARL! I'm giving my 200% to my girl before my maternity leave's over. Hokay, Baby needs her feeding now. Till, then... Holaaa!
Love Daylillies


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