Thursday, January 10, 2008

Temporary M.I.A.

Firstly - Selamat Tahun Baru Islam to all Muslims!!!
Hi peeps, I'll be temporarily out of action in the kitchen department. Am counting down for Little Princess' arrival! I was engaged last week and gynae had predicted that I may be in labour anytime soon... Amidst the anxiety and impatient-ness... I admit that I'm pweety scared too!!! I'm praying for a safe and smooth delivery and also preparing mentally for THE DAY! Yesternight, I had some discomforts but it subsided after a while.
Immediately right after, I decided to do a last bake before our Princess' arrival to the world. Baked "B" a whole Peppermint Chocolate Brownies to munch whilst I'm in confinement period. I hope the brownies can last throughout that long (crossing my fingers yeah). I had some peppermint sticks from last Christmas and used them. All that minty flavour reacted well with the chocolatey goodness. Well, mint and chocolate do go hand-in-hand! You'll kinda have that 'cooling' sensation each time you have a bite of the brownie. Better with a cup of hot cocoa or Milo. For "B", it was his Nescafe that accompanied. I didn't take any pics coz the look is very much similar to the Chewy-Gooey Brownies only different in taste.
Hokay folks... will be missing blogging for a witsy while after this. Till the next round of cookings and bakings. Love from yours truly, Daylillies...


Blogger teckiee said...

will be waiting for some baby pics =)

15 January, 2008 19:57  
Blogger Nora Ariff said...

one of my fav blog..will b waiting for ur comeback..with baby pic i hope..btw do drop by at my place..i've added u to my link too if u don;t mind ;)

28 February, 2008 10:41  

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