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It's a belated wish. But still... better late than never aites! winks* Idiladha fell on last Thursday, Dec 20th. Didn't do any "korban" this year though. But we celebrated nontheless with "B's" and my families. This year, we started earlier despite the rain and gloomy weather. Visited 4 houses in all. If not, it ought to be 5 but didn't went to Mommy's as my family were celebrating at Nenek's thus staying put at just 1 house. Saves the trouble for me to move around. "B" as usual went to one of the designated void-decks for the Idiladha prayers and was home by 9.30am. By then I was all ready and had packed all the goodies I've made the day before. Oh, this year, I made a wee bit more than usual. Just had the mood.
Menu for Idiladha
Putri Salat
Apam Manis
Apam Pisang Kukus
Roasted Chicken Curry Mayo
Brownies Idiladha
I was pretty happy and very much exhausted after 6 hours in the kitchen. The pregnancy made my movements a LOT sLooOwer! In fact, halfway through, I was getting frustrated. But perservered till the end.
This year, only Mommy made ketupats (beras & pulut). They were eaten with Sambal Sotong Kering and Sambal Goreng Pengantin. Lovely! Mommy's virgin attempt at making Sambal Goreng Pengantin was applauded for. I had rounds of just the Sambal Goreng Pengantin till like there's no tomorrow! Mama-B made Mee Bandung which was deeelicious! One of her specialities there and Nenek-B made Tulang Merah (like the ones at Beach Road) only way... better, thicker and full of deep kick-ass flavour. I don't eat kambing (lambs) coz I can't stand 'the' smell but the gravy rawks peeps! Thick deep red gravy. Not too spicy nor sourish. Just nice for you to mop up with some sliced baguettes. Satisfying! At me Grandma, they had Nasi Arab, Rendang Daging, Ayam Masak Tomato, Udang Belado, Ayam Panggang, Salads with Hummus dip, Acar Buah and Acar Pacri. Of course each house had their cakes, kuehs, goodies etc. What's Hari Raya without the sweets aites?!
I didn't stuffed myself crazy just to avoid puking my guts out later. Wasted if I did! Had a little of everything to satisfy meself. In all, we had a great Idiladha.
Ingredients for Apam Pisang Kukus
8 Pisang Berangan (a type of banana. I reckon you can use Del Monte or Dole too. Only these aren't as sweet as the local bananas.)
3/4 cup salted butter - melted (can substitute with canola oil)
3 eggs - beat slightly
2 cups AP flour
1 tsp bicarbonate soda
1 cup brown sugar
In a bowl, sift AP flour and bicarbonate soda. In another bowl mashed bananas. Mix beaten eggs, brown sugar and melted butter. Mix egg mixture with mashed bananas. Add in flour a little at a time. Pour mixture in a greased baking tin or pyrex. Steam for 40 minutes in a tightly covered steamer to prevent water from dripping into mixture. Let cool before cutting.
Ingredients for Roasted Chicken Curry Mayo
1 kg chicken drumlets
meat curry powder
crushed black pepper
dried rosemary
salt to taste
Marinate the chicken drumlets with the dry ingredients overnight. Only add mayonaise an hour or two before roasting. Set oven to roast for 140'C for 45 minutes. I like my drumlets to brown slowly. Serve warm.
Ingredients for Brownies Idiladha
340g Hershey semi-sweet chocolate chips
340g salted butter
200g AP flour
5 eggs
250g fine sugar
100g chopped almonds
Nutella (highly opt)
Icing sugar (topping)
Melt chocolate chips and butter in a bowl. Mix eggs and sugar. Pour in egg mixture into a slightly cooled chocolate mixture. Mix thoroughly. Add in sifted flour a little at a time. Add in chopped almonds. Pour mixture in a well greased pan. Scoop a couple dollops of Nutella and 'swirl' on top. Bake for 180'C for 45 minutes. Let cool thoroughly and sift icing sugar before serving.
NOTE: I didn't had time to take a bootiful pic of me Brownies. Next time aites!


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