Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Nursing the Flu Bug. Haiz...!

I've always hated when I'm down with flu. Really hated the runny then blocked nose. The temporary lost sense of taste. The continuous sneezing. The sleepless nights. The hot and cold body temperature. The teary eyes. The red nose. Then come the dry nose (peeling due to too much rubbing of tissues). Argh...! The endless 'tortures'! With the pregnancy, it's triple of "the" everything! Plus, poor Little Baby had to 'endure' the jerks whenever I sneeze non-the-stopping! I had to hold my tummy just to 'ease' the jerkings a little. Hope, it does help though. It's been a week since I last fell ill. Doctor had given me MCs and told me to rest real good. Being sick at 36 weeks is no joke at all! I'm really worried but the Doc ensured that all's fine. Just let the medicines run its course and me to drink loads of H2O, eat and rest, rest, rest... Thank God I didn't totally lost my appetite. I still want to eat BUT in really small quantities and not too rich flavourings. thus, I made myself and "B" some Chicken Noodles to savour. With the combination of the flu and rainy weather. It's a good choice there!
Ingredients for Chicken Noodles
1 pouch sop bunjut Adabi
1 Knorr chicken cube
2 garlic - crushed
1 shallot - half
1cm young ginger - sliced
1 stem leek - sliced
5 cups water
chicken backbones, necks or other chicken parts
2 potatoes - cubed
1 carrot - cubed
1 hard tofu - cubed
6 brocolli florets
4 shitake mushrooms - sliced

Boil water. Add in cubed potatoes and carrots. Let cook. Add in chicken parts/bones. Add in garlic, shallot, young ginger and leek. Add in Adabi sup bunjut and Knorr chicken cube. Stir well. Let simmer for 15 minutes. Lastly, add in shitake mushrooms and tofu. Let boil for another 5 minutes then close fire. Then add in brocolli florets. Soaked beehoon or any types of desired noodles. Serve hot in a bowl filled with hot soup to the brim.


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