Saturday, December 08, 2007

Putri Salat aka Serimuka

Putri Salat @ Serimuka I tried my bestest to capture a good pic. I SWEAR!
Either names just fine with the kueh I just made. I had wanted to try this kueh for the longest time ever! Coz, I figured out that they're easier to just be paid for rather than made for. Save time, hassle and the "un-necessary" outcome later. But today, I broke the rules and brave myself up for the kueh making. I had all the ingredients needed and I don't see any barriers to it. Apart from the not-so-sure attitude, I'm already in the game. No backing up now. Let's get things started!
Oh, so just you peeps know what we're having for dinner tonight. It's ALL fingerfood. The Putri Salat, Baked Popiah Curry Potatoes and Bread and Butter Chocolate Chips Pudding. No 'real' food. I'm SURE "B's" gonna be alright with these since I have his favourite kueh on the table!
I had browsed through countless of recipes via the website but eventually settled on a book recipe I had eons back - '100 Resepi Masakan Kuih-Muih Malaysia'. I read through and it seemed a pretty straight forward recipe. I reckon I can make-it till the end. Yup, "I think I can, I think I can!". First, to go soak the glutinous rice. Oh, did I mentioned sometime in an earlier post that "B" heart anything with glutinous rice?! Yep, this is one of "B's" favourite kueh. It'll be his must have kueh during the fasting season. I can't wait for "B" to reach home. It'll be a surprise!!! But first things first. Gotta get this kueh steaming right away.
Ingredients for Putri Salat
Bottom half:

2 cups glutinous rice - soaked for 3hrs
2 cups water
0.5 tsp salt
0.5 tsp vegetable oil
Method for Bottom half
Boil water in a steamer. Mix the soaked glutinous rice, water, vege oil and salt first. Place it in a baking tin. Steam till glutinous rice cook. Approximately 20 minutes. Then, with a spatula, press glutinous rice till it becomes compact.
Top half:
3 cups coconut milk - Kara
0.5 tsp green colouring
(can make green coluring with pandan juice too)
0.5 cup sugar
0.5 cup AP flour
2 tbsp custard flour
2 eggs
1 tsp salt
Method for Top half
Blend all the ingredients for the top half. Pour onto the bottom half slowly. Steam for 30 minutes. Let kueh cool first before cutting, then serve.


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