Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Sooo... 12 Eat Apam!

"Apam... Apam... Apam... I nak apam jugak!" (I want apam!). I'm never a fan of anything apam-ish. I'll just have it if it's there. I like the ones at Bengawan Solo. They called it "Ma Kuo Kueh" and they're accompanied with some white grated salted coconut to give an ooomph. These are the mini versions, gigantic ones are usually found at pasar malam. These to me are chinese apams. They're just sweet and comes in colours. I like another type of apam called Apam Gula Hangus and Harum Manis. Really sedap! Now to just know how to make them will definitely make my day. I know... I know... you peeps you'd say I can just buy them over the counter. But... it beats nothing when you get into the kitchen, sweat it out and make them yourself! I just feel happier and more satisfied that way. However, this first attempt isn't so much like what I want it to look like. Taste wise aok. The apams just didn't "bloom". It should "split" at the top to reveal a 3-split flowery shape. I reckon it meant that they've rose well. Hey apam, just you wait till my next tryout!
Ingredients for Apam Manis tak jadi
2 eggs
120g fine sugar
150g AP flour
130ml 7-UP
1 tsp ovalette
vanilla essence
red colouring (opt)
white grated coconut
Prepare steamer. Mix white grated coconut and salt and steam fo 10 minutes. Put aside to cool. In a bowl beat eggs and fine sugar till fluffy/thick. Sift flour into batter little by little. Pour in 7-UP. Add in ovalette and vanilla essence. Lastly, drop in some red colouring. Lay in papercups into steamer. Scoop batter into cups and steam for 15-20 minutes. Serve cool with grated coconut.


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