Sunday, December 09, 2007

To Mama's

One of "B's" cuzzie just gave birth a month back to a Baby Girl. She's having a "cukur rambut" ceremony after zohor. But before trotting over, "B" and me will be at Mama's for a short visit. In fact we have an agenda, an important one at that. Both "B" and me gonna make a huge decision to do something after the birth of our Little Baby. Decision's not concrete yet but in our thoughts. We just need to see if everything goes hand-in-hand. If not, gotta scrap the idea flatout! I'm not hoping too much. I'm still in deep, deep love with the current. But, this decision's for our children's future. Oooh, did I mentioned the plural of child. Yeaps, I want more than one. Many, many more!
I brought over a box of Bread Choc Chip Pudding & Putri Salat
I made yesteday for Mama, Papa, Nenek and whoever's at home.


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