Saturday, December 15, 2007

Home Alone on A Saturday

Boohoohoo...! "B" had to go to work for some urgent matters (as ALWAYS grrr...!) AND me, I'm left all alone on a Saturday mind you. Well, actually not that all alone, heheheheeh... I got Little Baby to accompany me aites! winks* To not bore myself to death, I did some household chores and of course some cookings too lar! It had been raining almost everyday for the past week and I hadn't got the chance to do any laundries. I reckon today's THE DAY. So out came the baju-bajas to dry. Weather forecast was saying that it'll rain late evening and I hope by then, me laundries would be semi-dry.
I did say I cooked didn't I...? Nothing really spectacular, just some light lunch for me and Little Baby and a dessert for "B" later. Had some glutinous rice that I took from Mommy yesternight. Thus, I googled to see what could be done. Then, I came across "LOH MAI KAI". Wah, sound sedap! Besides, it's hard to get Halal Loh Mai Kai around except at 7-11 (served by KampungFood), QIJI and Hara HongKong Dim Sums. Just to name the Halal few that I know. But when you're pregnant, you just need it like NOW and get someone (in my case "B") to go run out and get for me. I could have neither. One, where I live, there isn't a freaking 7-11. Only Cheers. Besides, not all 7-11 carry the Halal paus, timsums and whatnots. Two, there's no "B" today! How...!??? Next best thing was to make my own.
I went blog-hopping to find the fastest and easiest way to make Loh Mai Kai. Jeesh, why all so tedious huh??? I guess I was taken aback with the ingredients used. So, I did it my way and I shouldn't be calling it Loh Mai Kai no more. Loh Mai Kai needed re-steaming but I simply stir-fry it all. Just simple comfort food to enjoy all alone on a gloomy day. This got to do for now. I'll make the real deal, say... sometime much, much later IF the craving ever kicks in again. Oooh... "B" just sms. He's coming home about 4-ish and he's bringing me to a BBQ at ECP. Wooyipppeee! A Saturday not wasted then. Besides, I've already had made "B" dessert. His favourite Putri Salat!
See my glistening mini bowl of riceIngredients for Re-simplified Loh Mai Kai
Glutinous Rice - soaked & steamed
2 chicken breasts - sliced
1 garlic - roughly chopped
0.5cm young ginger - roughly chopped
a pinch of fennel seeds
2 tsp light soy sauce
2 tsp oyster sauce
1 tsp sesame oil
paprika powder
crushed black pepper
1 tbs salted butter - room temp
Marinate sliced chicken breasts with chopped garlic, ginger, fennel seeds, light soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, paprika, black pepper and salted butter. Leave for half an hour. In the meantime, steam glutinous rice. I made enough for a portion's worth. In fact, I had a ratio of 2:1. More chicken than rice. Just the way I want it. Put the steamed glutinous rice aside to cool. Heat a pan and put in the marinated chicken breasts. No need oil coz we had the butter in it. Stir till chicken meat turned white, then add in glutinous rice. Put fire to low and mix both chicken and rice till combine. Serve warm.


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