Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Will The Real Chix Nuggets Please Stand Up!

Living in a modern fast pace society, we are faced with an equally modern and fast way of food servings. From easy-to-dial home services to frozen food. Everything seemed to lose its touch of tender loving care. All we need is to just satisfy the hunger fast, quick, no-fuss and absolutely no mess. Time's always the main factor. Sometimes, I too admitted defeat. The temptation to surrender is really great. But, I am determined to provide my baby a better souce of food in future. No mass produce junkies for my Little Princess. These chicken nuggets are a perfect recipe for children to enjoy. Serve in fanciful ways to WoW them and you'll not feel guilty if they have more than the usual servings. I can't wait to tryout on me Little Princess and that'll be some years to come from now. In the mean time, the experiment will be on "B".
Ingredients for Real Chicken Nuggets
7 chicken breasts
1 hard tofu
1 tsp tumeric powder
salt to taste
crushed black pepper
1 tbsp flour
1 large egg
half carrot
virgin olive ol for frying
Marinate chicken breasts with tumeric powder, salt, crushed black pepper and flour. In a food processor, minced marinated chicken breasts. Add in hard tofu, half carrot and egg. Minced till combined. With two spoons, shape minced chicken into a ball and shallow fry in virgin olive oil. Turn about till each nugget is evenly browned. Drain and serve warm with chilli sauce or mayonaise. It's also good to eat it on its own too!


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