Friday, October 27, 2006

After ALL the Good Food...

Baked Beans Chicken - A little on the spicy side
After days of having the rich food of - ketupat, ketupat pulut, lontong, lontong goreng, rendang, sayur lodeh, sambal goreng, sambal sotong, serunding, ayam goreng, ayam kurma, ayam kari, ayam masak merah, ayam panggang, kuah satay, nasi tomato, nasi briyani, udang sambal, kek lapis, kek kukus, kek buah, kek roll, kueh perbagai, kekacang, air kaler-kaler aka fizzy drinks of various colours and flavours and syrup sweetened drinks etc... I'm down to a simple dinner tonight. phew... (In fact, there's a lot more yet to mention here). I'll just stop at where my memory is tonight.
Can you imagine I wallop those lots in a span of three days...! Amaizing! I guess that 1 month of fasting is getting its 'reward' now. Overly rewarded I'd say! Yeah, I had an amaizing time EATING, EATING and MORE EATING! I still have Mommy's sambal sotong and beef rendang sitting somewhere in the fridge. But, I won't let "B" have that tonight. I cooked him a simple dinner. My tums and his need a little rest for the coming 'eating marathon' this weekend. We still have a gazillion houses to cover aites!
I made Baked Beans Chicken and Fried Chilli Flakes Tempe with Basmati. I made extra for "B" to pack for his lunch tomorrow. Jeez... after the hols, we both were kinda 'off mood' for work. Thank God I don't work during the weekends.
Ingredients for Baked Beans Chicken
1 tin can baked beans (Ayam Brand)
4 pieces chickens
2-3 tbsp dried chilli paste
2 pieces dried assam slices @ assam keping or some assam paste mixed in a little water
salt to taste
2 dried basil leaves
canola oil
1/2 can water
tomato ketchup (opt)
Heat up oil and fry dried chilli paste till split oil. Add in chicken and cook till they turned white. Add in the can full of baked beans. Add in basil leaves, dried assam keping and salt. Lastly pour in half can of water. Cover with lid and let it simmer for 20 minutes. Serve hot with rice or toasted baguettes.

Ingredients for Fried Chilli Flakes Tempe
4 pieces tempes
chilli flakes / chilli powder or
cayenne powder
a little water
canola oil

Mix all the dried ingredients with a little water. Pat the mixture on each tempe al over. Heat up the oil and shallow fry the tempes till browned. For the vegetarians, these are great fillings to make burgers. Add in some rocket salads and whatever dressings preferred and slab on the tempes. Spicy with a kick!


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