Sunday, September 03, 2006

I'm too BZ 2cook, thus this...

I'm back after a week's break from work, cookings, bakings, cleanings or shall I just sum all up as the 'everyday-mundane-routine'. A lovely break after awhile. Now, back to the familiar grounds and the 'all-tooooo-familiar-routines' yet again...! Grrr...
I remembered asking "B" on the flight back home - "Why do we have to work huh?" sheeesh... a stooopid question answered ever 'brilliantly' by "B". "Simple, NO WORK = NO MONEY = NO HOLIDAYS. PERIOD!" sulked...sulked... no need to be that straight froward what... Why is money revolved in EVERYTHING that we do? Why are we slaves to this piece of paper? Sometimes, I wished I could do that twitching-of-the-nose ala Bewitched magic to work out all my desires AND needs. Only if it was that ez! Fat hope!
My mood to cook or bake has yet to reach home after that long holiday. The mess from unpacking is still strewn all around the house. I had to do 3 full loads of washings in all to clear all those stinky clothes. The house is full of dust and I've yet to kick start the vacuum cleaner. Now the weekends gone and work commences tomorrow. Now you agree that twitching-of-the nose magic do come in handy IF I had it...!
Well, all the above weren't as important as the need to eat. The only decent meal I could get here in my neighbourhood would be the mamak stall from the foodcourt. Guess you peeps can expect the quality and quantity of the food don't deserve an equivalent share with the dollars. It's crappy! So, homemade pizza the way to go. Just to tell you, even after this pizza meal, I ain't moving my butt of the couch for any home chores, apart from re-filling my cup of water. I'll leave the house filthy for another week. hmph...!
this pizza sucked me out of all my last available strength. no can do with anymore chores.


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