Sunday, August 20, 2006

It's so good to be home!

Hey, I'm back from "B"'s cousin engagement at Selangor, Bangi. I DID woke up at 5.30am to be in time to meet up at Mama-B's by 6.30am. Thank God there weren't any jam at the 2nd Link and we had a smooth ride all the way to Gelang Patah rest area to meet up with the others.
On the whole, EVERYTHING was crap. I hated everything. I'm NEVER going back to Malaysia UNLESS really necessary AND that totally depends on each situation. Which I reckon, the decision made now is FINAL! sheesh...
Alrite, put that bad feeling a side. I had a good night sleep last night and not woke up till 2pm today. I had a good 'breakfast' of all chocolates. Muesli coated chocolate bar, chocolate milk, hot milo, bread and nutella, mashmallows coated chocolate, Kandos - chocolate with rice crips and 2 spoons of Lava Brownie ice-cream. Hmph, I'm a happy girl.
Later, I made fried pastas with some sambal belachan I pounded couple of days before. With some fillings of chicken breast and veges, that's my lunch and dinner. With the hot weather, I made Tangs orange drink to go along. If I had stayed overnight after the engagement, I wouldn't be here to enjoy all these food. I'll be present with those rich oily deep fried laden food cooked in used oil for God knows how many times! eeeyuckiesss...!!!


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